For The Perfect Marriage Of Ecology And Economy Choose Faux Blinds

Posted on: November 01, 2012 by admin

In these ecological friendly times nothing makes someone who tries to conserve resources and recycle happier than saving a tree. At Blinds Update we are proud of the fact that this is exactly what our faux blinds accomplish. These blinds are becoming more and more popular because they look and feel like real wood, they provide great insulation, they are so durable and well constructed that they last for many years, plus they cost much less. Therefore you have the double benefit of saving a tree and money. That is a perfect marriage of economy and ecology.

Speaking of conservation we carry a brand of cellular shades that will greatly impact your monthly utility bills in a positive way because they too are excellent insulation. Many people think that they are made of paper but they are actually made of polyester, which makes them very durable and washable.

Help have a positive impact on the environment and the economy by purchasing your faux blinds through Blinds Update. We have the best selection of every type of blind that you can imagine. Our prices are unmatched and our customer service is unrivaled. There really is no need for you to shop anywhere else unless you want to spend more money for less. For more information about who we are and the wonderful window coverings that we sell, we encourage you to browse our web site, where you will also find various specials and discounts.

Written by: Seth Greener